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22 thoughts on “JESC’16: Organisational Meeting To Be Held Next Week”

  1. C’mon Sand, reverse the televoting removal decision. And move the contest back to a Saturday. Please, JESC is my favorite Eurovision contest, don’t make me lose my interest in it. 🙁

    1. Agree. Mr. Ola Sand, please reverse the televoting removal decision and revert back to the 2013-2015 voting system in Eurovision next year. If you don’t listen to the wishes of the people and insist on creating “TV magic”, we have no choice but to resign because you led Eurovision and Junior Eurovision this year to corruption.

      1. The new ESC voting system appears to give the people a greater choise. If the previous vpting system had been used in 2016, Australia would’ve won although they “only” placed 4th in the popular vote. Remember 2015? Everyone started complaining about Sweden winning because Måns “only” got the 3rd highest televote score. At least, Ukraine won the contest although they got 2nd in both jury and popular vote, but still the viewers thought that it was better with Ukraine winning than with Australia winning.

        However I agree with you to a 100 % when it comes to JESC! 😀

        1. Schultzebulle, you made a very wrong argument. The new ESC voting system does not represent the whole of Europe as it discriminates micronations and favors big nations. That is the reason why Douwe Bob, Justs. Michal Szpak, Dami Im, and Iveta Mukuchyan qualified instead of Dalal & Deen,Greta Salome, Nicky Byrne, Kaliopi, and Juri Pootsman. It doesn’t give the people a greater choice, but represent Swedish-style dictatorship, and based on it, this year’s Eurovision was a COMPLETE FAILURE.

          1. Thats’s just my opinion, how the new voting system appears to me. Also I don’t understand how to “make a wrong argument”, since I have to have the right to express my opinion and argue for how I see this.

            We have different opinions, and the only reason I can see with Ireland and Bosnis not qualifying is that their song and staging wasn’t good enough.

  2. Bring televoting back!! They should do it like 2010 when you could vote trough the whole show, this is to give children more time to choose and discuss with their parents wether they may vote. I think the rest of the changes are fine, they just need to make the age 9-15. This is how the voting should work:

    First the jury and kids’jury of every country combined, being presented like the normal JESC voting, but only the 12 points are read out.

    Then the televoting being presented graphically, but they all need to be presented by the host (PLEASE IRA LOSCO).

          1. The Netherlands will probably confirm participation some days after this year’s contest ends.

        1. It would be surprising if they pulled out as they are the only 2 countries that have participated in every contest since the first contest in 2003.

  3. Australia might not take part because the EBU moved the contest to a Sunday afternoon in Europe, which means it would be Monday morning in Australia. I hope Australia does participate though. It would be devastating if they were to withdraw!

  4. What they should do is bring back televoting and skip the points. Just announce the top 3 countries and their point on the night of the contest. And after a couple of week together with the split results reveal the rest of the top so the childeren have a better night. The time and day dont bother me it should be able for childeren to watch not adults.

    1. Good idea. I agree that this would be much more sympathetic to the participating children. But this shouldn’t affect the show, Malta should bring such a spectacular show as they did in 2014 with high-tec interval acts and a good production presented by a relaxed host, such as Moira Delia.

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