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Malta: Christina Magrin To Junior Eurovision 2016

Christina will represent Malta in November

Malta has selected Christina Magrin to represent them on home soil at Junior Eurovision 2016.

After 20 singers took to the stage of the Mediterranean Conference Center, Malta has selected Christina Magrin to represent them at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The winner tonight was selected by a combination of televote and jury vote, including international jury members. The song that the Maltese entrant will perform will be selected internally closer to the contest in November.

The singers who competed tonight were as follows:

  1. Miguel Bonello – Fifth Element – Diva Dance
  2. Kira Copperstone – Listen
  3. Dylan Curmi – See You Again
  4. Francesca Dimech – Dear Future Husband
  5. Layla Fitouri – And I Am Telling You
  6. Fusion – In Love With A Monster – 2nd
  7. Francesca Grima – Titanium
  8. Krista Hill – Glitter & Gold
  9. Rachell Lowell – I Surrender
  10. Kaylie Magri – When We Were Young
  11. Christina Magrin – No More Tears – 1st
  12. Eila Mangion – Listen
  13. Cledia Micallef – Bring Him Home
  14. Alexia Micallef – The Silence
  15. Luana Misfud – Wrecking Ball
  16. Veronica Rotin – I Will Always Love You
  17. Justine Shorfid – I’d Rather Go Blind
  18. Lisa-Marie Tabone – At Last – 3rd
  19. Mariah-Nicola Vella – All I Ask
  20. Chanelle Zarb – Hollow

17 thoughts on “Malta: Christina Magrin To Junior Eurovision 2016”

    1. Don’t be angry. 😀

      I voted for Veronica too but I did not see her stand out one inch this year ;'( I think it wasn’t the best song choice.

      Christina deserved it as well 😀

    1. Either Malta or a other country that come in second. Mabye the Netherlands because they always host the event every 5 years.

          1. I hope so. Also i hope that next year more than 18 countrys can participate because i think some countrys want to participate but wont/cant because of that rule.

  1. Ok. Floris is hoping for more than just 18 countries to participate this year, and then I figured out that the maximum number of countries at JESC is…well, 18! 😮

      1. Their are more countries that want to participate and their are countries who want to return the only thing is the money and i think the point system of the contest should be different

        1. Right. On the other hand, I’m still waiting for Armenia, Australia, Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Sweden to take part. I’m also hoping for one returning country and one debut, or maybe two returns, or probably two debuts! Let’s find out. 🙂

          1. Armenia, Australia, Georgia, Montenegro and Serbia,will most likely partcipate. I dont think Sweden will. I will think that Germany is gonna debut and at least France and Belgium will return.

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