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Cyprus have today confirmed their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 bringing the total number of participating countries, and countries to express provisional interest, up to twenty-two so far. The announcement comes a matter of days after Cyprus’ national broadcasters CyBC also confirmed their presence in the 14th edition of the Junior contest taking place this November following a one year absence.

In Stockholm earlier this year Cyprus finished in 21st place with the song ‘Alter Ego’ performed by Minus One. The song was penned by Sweden’s Thomas G:Son, the man behind seventy-five Eurovision national final entries (forty three of which were for Sweden) and the 2012 winning song ‘Euphoria’. In an interview with SAS earlier this year G:Son advised “the trick is not to think, or to try not to think about not thinking” when discussing his tips on how to write an international hit.

Although this was G:Son’s first time behind the Cypriot entry, the south European island have appeared in thirty-three contests and twenty-seven finals; their best results in 1982, 1997, and 2004 when the country finished fifth place. Cyprus first participated in 1981 with the group Island performing ‘Monika’.

7 thoughts on “Cyprus Join the Party”

  1. Nice, I hope that in 2017 Slovakia and Kazakhstan will join the party as well. And that all the countries, that were in Eurovision 2016 will take part in 2017 too!

    1. It’s an open possibility for both Slovakia and Kazakhstan to join. Turkey will for sure not be in due to the Big 5 rules, which is according to me completely understandable.

  2. Is it true that Montenegro confirmed participation for Junior Eurovision 2016 and have selected their singer?

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