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Eurovision: The Movie

In May 2007 it was announced that the European Broadcasting Union had signed a contract with UK production company Working Title to create “Eurovision: The Movie”.

“Eurovision: The Movie” was first thought up by Dan Bazer the screenwriter for “Borat” and Damian Jones the producer of “History Boys”. The film was to feature Sacha Baron Cohen, the well-known British actor and comedian known for playing the characters Bruno, Borat and Ali G. The film was to premiere in 2008.

The project was cancelled in 2010 following a decision from Bazer and Cohen to scrap the project. According to reports at the time it was thought that Sacha Baron Cohen would take to the Eurovision stage as his comedy character, Bruno. However the character was retired from Cohen’s repertoire in 2009.

Eurovision: The Movie would have been the first movie to have been featured on a Eurovision event. To date however the only English language film focusing on a Eurovision event is “Sounds Like Teen Spirit”, which followed the participants from Cyprus, Belgium, Bulgaria and Georgia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

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