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13 thoughts on “Italy: Junior Eurovision 2016 Participation Confirmed”

  1. I think Spain and France must return this year,also we could see Germany in list of participation countries.
    As for me,it will be list of participation countries:
    1. Albania
    2. Belarus
    3. Bulgaria
    4. Georgia (They haven’t reasons to abandon the contest.)
    5. Ireland
    6. Italy
    7. Malta
    8, The Netherlands
    9. Russia
    10. Armenia (They haven’t reasons to abandon the contest.)
    11. Spain (Jan Ola Sand said about great relationships with Spanish partners.)
    12. France (Jan Ola Sand said about great relationships with French partners.)
    13. Germany (Jan Ola Sand said about great relationships with German partners.)
    14. Belgium (Jan Ola Sand said about great relationships with Belgian partners.)
    15. Sweden (They promise only one-year break)
    16. Ukraine (They haven’t reasons to abandon the contest.)
    17. United Kingdom (Onle my dream of BIG 5 at this contest)
    18, Australia (They haven’t reasons to abandon the contest.)
    Withdrawing countries
    Serbia (Due new voting system)
    Montenegro (Due new voting system)
    Macedonia (Due new voting system and horrible results)

  2. I think around 13 countries will be participating. I think Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia will withdraw after Slovenia. After all these rumours about Asiavision(And may in the future, Junior Asiavision), I don’t know if they will get invited for 2nd year in row. I think that after these changes and lack of information will change France’s, Spain’s and Germany’s mind about debuting/returning. I think the only returning country is Sweden. Me as a swede chatted to Gustav Dahlander, SVT’s official melfest and ESC blogger, and when I said these changes sucks, he said that they were interesting to see at JESC and I don’t know if Christer Björkman reacts the same, even though no one knew what JESC was in Sweden, and only those who were at Gröna Lund at 6th of June(Swedish National day) knew what Lilla Melodifestivalen was. If it wasn’t for an old newspaper I found from 2003, I would have not known what this is, like rest of the swedes. I would react as Slovenia, withdraw due to changes and lack of information. It is like ESC this year, they were changing the rules after participation deadline. Like if they did did that before, we never would have seen Serhat performing at the Eurovision stage. The difference is that they change a lot for no reason here at JESC. What I meant was the age rule. They treat 15-year olds bad for no reason. Why not let both 9-year olds and 15-year olds participate. But it will be interesting to follow this journey and see how all countries react to new system.

    1. Hopefully EBU will anyhow let televoting be a part of the voting… I’m as well intersted to see this journey, with Gustav saying these words it’s very likely we will be back this year!

  3. My new idea of Junior Eurovision 2016

    18 countrys competing:
    1. The Netherlands confirmed
    2. Bulgaria confirmed
    3. Ireland confirmed
    4. Malta Host
    5. Russia confirmed
    6. Albania confirmed
    7. Italy confirmed
    8. Belarus confirmed
    9. Georgia to be confirmed
    10. Armenia to be confirmed
    11. Ukraine to be confirmed
    12. Serbia to be confirmed
    13. San Marino to be confirmed
    14. Montenegro to be confirmed
    15. Germany they will debut
    16. France very close to confirming
    17. Sweden to be confirmed ( how to select a participant)
    18 Belgium/Australia most likly Australia because of Eurovision 2016

    Slovenia: we already know. Hope to have them back next year.
    FYR Macedonia: Came last again so they will skip a year and will try again in 2017.

    Won’t participate:
    Spain: talkes with ebu will take to long
    Belgium: their will be already 18 country’s or cant effort it
    Cyprus: no money
    Croatia: no money
    United Kingdom: not interested mabye when ireland wins and host
    Portugal: first do well on eurovision then mabye focus on junior eurovision
    Czech Republic: want to see the new rules and busy with next year eurovision
    Finland: Only when sweden host or denkmark and norway come back
    Austria: when germany host
    Poland: when their is no possible way to come in last.

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