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20 thoughts on “Georgia: Junior Eurovision 2016 Participation Confirmed”

      1. I have 100% hope that these countries will be in Valletta:

        * Australia
        * Montenegro
        * Serbia

        And yeah, it would be great if France returns. But if that doesn’t work, then it’s always possible for any of these countries to be #18 on the list. First for returning countries:

        * Azerbaijan (2012-13)
        * Belgium (2003-12) with RTBF as the only option
        * Denmark (2003-05) with TV2 as the only option
        * Lithuania (2007-08; 2010-11)
        * Spain (2003-06)
        * Sweden (2003-07; 2009-14)
        * United Kingdom (2003-05) with BBC, Channel 4, STV, or Sianel Pedwar Cymru as the only options

        And if those don’t work, there’s always a possibility for countries that never participated at JESC and are interested in making a debut:

        * Austria
        * Bosnia & Herzegovina
        * Estonia
        * Finland
        * Germany
        * Hungary
        * Iceland
        * Luxembourg
        * Monaco
        * Slovakia
        * Turkey

        Let’s find out!

        1. I contacted the Australian and the Estonian broadcaster, and they both said they had no plans to join this years contest. 🙁

          1. It doesn’t come as a surprise if Australia won’t compete. They had a well-produced song in Sofia but ended up 8th with low scores from especially the viewers but also from the juries. An Australian participation in Eurovision is acclaimed by us, the fans. But when it comes to voting, Australia seem to fail with especially the televoters.

          1. Oh I just gotta say that Agnete really deserved to qualify this year! It’s a shame you guys didn’t make it trough the semi finals, you deserved a good result. Greets from Sweden!

  1. Georgia I think will be the second last or even last country to confirm participation. But since Cyprus surprisingly returned anything can happen!

      1. Nah, I’d say that around 15-16 countries will be in Malta. I’m not sure about neither Montenegro nor Serbia, even less Australia. But you’re right anyway: the contest itself will be alive!

  2. Caught one! Now only one of my possible top 4 countries that are still waiting to confirm participation.

    United Kingdom
    Finland (debut)

  3. Did anybody notice in the Georgian advert video that they are looking for children aged between 10 to 15?! Seems that GBP haven’t noticed yet that the EBU has lowered the age limit to 9 to 14 years … Hope they won’t pick a 15 years old child in the end and will be disqualified for that. Would be a shame!

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