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16 thoughts on “Poland: Returns To The Junior Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. Now that poland is back i think other countrys will be back too. The so called 18 countrys of this year in my opinion are:
    1. The Netherlands
    2. Bulgaria
    3. Albania
    4. Malta
    5. Belarus
    6. Ireland
    7. Russia
    8. Italy
    9. Ukraine
    10. Poland
    11. Armenia ( to be confirmed)
    12. Georgia (to be confirmed)
    13 San Marino ( to be confirmed)
    14 Australia (succes in eurovision)
    15. Serbia (succes last contest)
    16. Montenegro (to be confirmed)
    17. Germany (took 4 years to debut)
    18. Spain/France/Belgium (only one off the talked countrys will return most likely France)

    FYR Macedonia will withdraw for the same reasons the did last time (last place)

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