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Poland returns to Junior Eurovision
Poland returns to Junior Eurovision

Poland is returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after a 12 year break from the contest.

Poland is to return to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year having last participated in the contest in 2004. Details of a national selection process are still to be confirmed. Poland has traditionally fared poorly in the contest having finished last with just 3 points in both the 2003 and 2004 contest.

Poland is the first country to return to Junior Eurovision since Macedonia and Albania in the 2015 contest in Bulgaria. Poland brings the number of countries confirmed as competing to 10.

Source: TVP

16 thoughts on “Poland: Returns To The Junior Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. Fantastic! Oh wait… The rules! If it wasn’t for the rule changes I’d be extremly happy, but now…

  2. Now that poland is back i think other countrys will be back too. The so called 18 countrys of this year in my opinion are:
    1. The Netherlands
    2. Bulgaria
    3. Albania
    4. Malta
    5. Belarus
    6. Ireland
    7. Russia
    8. Italy
    9. Ukraine
    10. Poland
    11. Armenia ( to be confirmed)
    12. Georgia (to be confirmed)
    13 San Marino ( to be confirmed)
    14 Australia (succes in eurovision)
    15. Serbia (succes last contest)
    16. Montenegro (to be confirmed)
    17. Germany (took 4 years to debut)
    18. Spain/France/Belgium (only one off the talked countrys will return most likely France)

    FYR Macedonia will withdraw for the same reasons the did last time (last place)

  3. Where is going to be the information about how to take part in national selection in Poland? Please, answer me xx

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