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Denmark: “Higher Ground” Was Previously Submitted into Melodifestivalen

“Higher Ground” the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, had previously been submitted into Sweden’s selection process before competing in Denmark.

“Higher Ground” which was selected on Saturday night to represent Denmark in Lisbon, has journeyed it’s way across Europe before making it in to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. It has been revealed over night that “Higher Ground” has revealed that the song was rejected from Melodifestivalen 2018 before being submitted in to the Danish selection.

The original version of the song was performed Dennis Bengtsson. But did not make it past the jury who select the songs to compete in the Swedish selection process. This is not the first time that Denmark has selected a song that previously rejected from Melodifestivalen. In 2010 “In A Moment Like This” was selected by Denmark and finished 4th in Oslo, after being turned down from Melodifestivalen.

Listen to the original version of the song below:

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 took place in Gigantium in Aalborg. Annette Heick and Johannes Nymark returned to host the contest for the second year in a row.

The competing entries were:

  1. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
  2. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
  3. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
  4. Sannie (Whigfield) – “Boys on Girls”
  5. Sandra – “Angels to My Battlefield”
  6. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”
  7. Carlsen – “Standing Up for Love”
  8. KARUI – “Signals”
  9. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – “Holder Fast i Ingenting”
  10. Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”

The winner was chosen through a combination of 50% jury voting and 50% public voting. There were two rounds of voting. After the ten songs were performed, three of them qualified for a super-final, where the winner will be chosen. The jury consisted of five Danish Eurovision fans.

The three songs in the super-final were:

  • Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight” – 31%
  • Rasmussen – “Higher Ground” – 50%
  • Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road” – 19%

Anja Nissen represented Denmark at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. She brought Denmark back to their first Eurovision Song Contest final since hosting the contest in 2014. “Where I Am” narrowly qualified for the final beating Serbia by just three points in the second semi-final. In the final, Denmark finished 20th with a total of 77 points, of which just 8 points came from the televote.

Denmark will perform in the first half of the second semi-final on May 10.

Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 alongside Austria and the United Kingdom. To date Denmark has won the contest on three occasions, the first being in 1963 when Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann performed “Dansevise”. Denmark won the contest again in 2000 represented by the Olsen Brothers, their most recent victory came in 2013 when Emmelie de Forest performed “Only Teardrops”. Denmark failed to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and 2016.

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  1. How could it even be possible for Edward Blom, Samir & Viktor, Rolandz and Jonas Gardell to pass through, leaving this entry behind??? Time to resign, Björkman…

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