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Austria: Celine Roscheck & Farina Miss – Interview

Can they win tonight? Source: ORF/Milenko Badzic.
Can they win tonight? Source: ORF/Milenko Badzic.

It’s less than 12 hours to go until the final of the Austrian selection and we are bringing you our interview with Celine Roschek and Farina Miss. The duet combines the energy of Farina Miss with the talent of Celine Roschek, here’s what they had to say:

I have to start by asking this how does a classically trained violinist come to be participating in the Austrian Eurovision selection process?

Céline: It so happened that my label EQ Music got an inquiry to produce a song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Peter Kreuzer, the producer of “Sky Is The Limit”, wanted to create something truly special for this contest. So he was thinking of Farina Miss, as the lead singer, and me, supporting her on the violin. When he asked me to become part of this project I was super excited right away. Having so many people listening to our music all over the world would be a dream come true.

Going back in time now what was it that drew you to play the violin?

Céline: My passion for music was actually put into my cradle. My parents are musicians and I had my first violin class from my mother when I was 4 years old. Since then I knew that I want to become a professional violinist and that music is a major part of my life.

You’ve performed all over the world giving concerts in Iceland, Canada and Greece what is it like to be able to perform across the globe?

Céline: It’s a great experience for sure. To do what you love and being able to explore new cultures at the same time is something I am really thankful for. Especially my trip to Brazil and the Promo-Tour through Thailand were fantastic. I’ve learned so much about the countries and the people living there, it was amazing. But it can also be quite exhausting being apart from your loved ones for quite a long time.

Heading back to Eurovision you are performing alongside Farina Miss how did that partnership come into being?

Céline: I just met Farina a few weeks ago – and we liked each other right away. That we are a unique duo stands out of question. Look at us: me, the classical violinist and Farina the “hyper lead lady” – and please do not forget the 30 centimeters difference in height ;).

The song you will be performing is called “Sky Is The Limit” can you tell us more about it?

Farina: The message of the song is definitely positive and motivating. We’re all living under the same sky on the same planet and we’re all human beings, equal from the day we were born and everybody should get the same chance to do or become whatever one wants. Always be respectful and tolerant.

What can we expect from your performance in the Austrian selection?

Farina: The show we are currently preparing is supposed to underline the message of the song „Sky Is The Limit“. Performing as a duo will give us the chance to create an intense and exciting interaction between two really different musicians. Voice and violin are harmonizing perfectly. One thing I can tell you is that there’ll be a big surprise… I can’t give the secret away yet but we’ve prepared something special not just for the listeners but also for the viewers, as we believe that in the end the whole package will tip the scales.

With the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Vienna last year what is your biggest memory of the contest?

Farina: As I am living in Vienna the biggest memory is that the whole city was vibrating and you could feel the positive energy everywhere. With the victory of Conchita in 2014 it was even more a message of tolerance and freedom. Vienna is a liberal and open city and it was an honor to get the chance to be the host of the 60th anniversary of the ESC.

How would you feel to walk back out onto the selection stage in Austria at the end of night being named winners of the selection?

Farina: If we would be the winners the two of us would definitely feel proud and honored not just to have won with a song we both created and love but also to represent the country we love. Being on stage, entertaining people is what we were born for and if people vote for us and give us the chance to go to Stockholm it may show that we did a pretty good job J.

We wish Farina Miss and Celine Roscheck the best of luck tonight in Vienna, take a listen to their song below:

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