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Stockholm is getting closer
Stockholm is getting closer

Last years hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest Austria selection for Stockholm tonight, while Italy will be whittling down their perspective Eurovision singers to just 16.

Austria – Wer singt für Österreich – 20:15 CET:

Austria selects tonight
Austria selects tonight

Tonight Austria will select their participant for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, Wer singt für Österreich hits screens on ORF 1 from 20:15 CET and is hosted by Andi Knoll and Alice Tumler. Andi Knoll is the voice of Eurovision in Austria while Alice Tumler was one of the four hosts of last years contest in Vienna.

Competing tonight are:

  • Bella Wagner – Weapons Down
  • Elly – I’ll Be Around (Bounce)
  • Farina Miss & Céline Roscheck – Sky Is The Limit
  • Lia Weller – Runaway
  • LiZZA – Psycho
  • Orry Jackson – Pieces In A Puzzle
  • Sankil Jones – One More Sound
  • Vincent Bueno – All We Need Is That Love
  • ZOË – Loin d’ici
  • Azrah – The One

The selection is split into two parts. In the first part all 10 hopefuls will be performing their songs, the jury will then score each performance as soon as it has finished from 1-10. The four members of the jury can allocate the same number of points to multiple performances if they wish to. The four jury members scores are added together to create an overall score, this overall score decides who is awarded the overall 10 points from the jury down to 1 point from the jury. The Austrian public will also be voting and their votes will be split down into 1-10 points.

The jury points and televote points are added together to create a top.10, from which the top 2 will make it to the super final. The winner of the super final is decided by 100% televote and will go on to represent Austria in May. On the jury are:

  • Conchita Wurst – Winner of Eurovision 2014
  • Madita – Singer and actress
  • Julie Frost – Writer of the 2010 winner of Eurovision “Satellite”
  • Press jury

The press jury is made up of:

  • Stefan Weinberger
  • Astrid Hofer
  • Anna Gasteiger
  • Christiane Fasching
  • Martin Fichter-Wöß
  • Marco Schreuder
  • Roland Bonimair
  • Christian Ude

Watch the show live here from 20:15 CET.

Italy – Sanremo 2016 – Semi Final – 20:30 CET:

Only 16 singers will progress
Only 16 singers will progress

Tonight decides the 16 singers who will progress to the final of the “Campioni” round of Sanremo 2016, with four singers leaving the contest tonight.

The 20 hopefuls will all be taking to the stage with those most at risk of leaving being the eight artists from the two opening shows who placed within the danger zones on Tuesday and Wednesday. The show tonight works as follows:

  • All 20 singers will be taking to the stage
  • 50% of the voting is decided by their scores on Tuesday and Wednesday night
  • The remaining 50% is decided by public televote (20%), expert jury (15%) and a demoscopic poll (15%)
  • The scores are added together and the artists that place in the bottom five progress to a separate round
  • The public will then vote on these five artists again, one singer will qualify for the final.

Performing tonight are:

  • Deborah Iurato & Giovanni Caccamo – Via da qui
  • Noemi – La borsa di una donna
  • Alessio Bernabei – Noi siamo infinito
  • Enrico Ruggeri – Il primo amore non si scorda mai
  • Arisa – Guardando il cielo
  • Rocco Hunt – Wake Up
  • Dear Jack – Mezzo respiro
  • Stadio – Un giorno mi dirai
  • Lorenzo Fragola – Infinite volte
  • Annalisa – Il diluvio universale
  • Irene Forniciari – Blu
  • Nefa – Sogni e nostalgia
  • Zero Assoluto – Di me e di te
  • Dolcenera – Ora o mai più
  • Clementino – Quando sono lontano
  • Patty Pravo – Cieli immensi
  • Valerio Scanu – Finalmente piove
  • Morgan & Blu Vertigo – Semplicemente
  • Francesca Michielin – Nessun grado di separazione
  • Elio & Le Storie Tese – Vincere l’odio

On the expert jury are:

  • Franz Di Cioccio – Singer
  • Laura Valente – Singer
  • Fausto Brizzi – Director
  • Nicoletta Mantovani – Wife of the deceased opera singer Luciano Pavarotti
  • Massimiliano Pani – Member of the Italian jury at Junior Eurovision 2014
  • Valentina Correani – Presenter of the Voice of Italy and commentator for Italy in 2015
  • Paola Maugeri – Radio presenter
  • Federico L’Olandese – Radio presenter


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