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ESC’16: Friends & Tele2 Withdraw From Hosting

Only The Globen Is Left In Stockholm

The Friends Arena and Tele2 Arena in Stockholm which had been favourites to host next years Eurovision Song Contest have withdrawn from hosting the contest.

The announcement now means that Globen is the only venue left in the running in Stockholm. Both of the venues pulled out from the race to host the contest due to the need for the venue to be free for 6-4 weeks before the contest. Both arenas already have contracts with football clubs AIK, Durgården and Hammarby to act as their home stadium, which would have meant the teams having to either delay matches or find another venue.

The only venues across Sweden left in the running according to Expressen are:

  • Stockholm – The Globen
  • Gothenburg – Scandinavium
  • Linköping – Saab Arena

SVT are expected to make a decision on the host city in August.

Source: Expressen

4 thoughts on “ESC’16: Friends & Tele2 Withdraw From Hosting”

  1. My choice:
    Arena—–Saab Arena, Linköping
    Hosts—–Sanna Nielsen and Måns Zelmerlöw
    Slogan—We Are The Heroes
    Official hashtag—#heroes, #eurovision
    SVT, make your choise soon! I’m so excited! 🙂

    1. One more thing, Saab Arena finished in 2004, Scandinavium in 1971 and Ericsson Globe in 1989. This means Saab Arena is the newest of the options. Scandinavium in Gothenburg have also been renovated plenty of times and will certantly have to be in a few years again. Ericsson Globe is just nothing special with (except it is the bigget globe building in the world). Hopefully, Saab Arena in Linköping will host the event. 🙂

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