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Germany: NDR Has Not Ruled Out JESC 2015 Debut

We Could See Germany In Bulgaria
We Could See Germany In Bulgaria

NDR the German broadcaster in charge of German participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has not ruled out a debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In the past two years two delegations from Germany have gone to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to observe the event. In 2013 NDR sent a delegation to Kiev, while in 2014 it was ZDF who attended the event in Malta. Germany was due to debut in the contest in 2003 however broadcaster ARD withdrew from the event, they were also due to participate in 2004 but withdrew again.

To date 9 countries have confirmed their participation in Bulgaria.

Source: NDR

14 thoughts on “Germany: NDR Has Not Ruled Out JESC 2015 Debut”

  1. According to ESCPlus there could be some unexpected participants this year. After this article I’m 1000% sure that one of them is Germany. 😀

  2. If Germany debuts with a national selection, it could be called “Countdown to Sofia”. 🙂

      1. Yes, I hope that all Nordic countries will compete. Sweden might recieve a higher position then. 🙂

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