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Here are the final televotes and jury votes from the grand final just under two weeks ago, let see how they differed and see who did well with each voter. Lets look at the televote first:

Final Televoting:
223 Azerbaijan
221 Sweden
176 Greece
168 Ukraine
166 United Kingdom
151 Bosnia-Herzegovina
138 Georgia
138 Russia
113 Germany
101 Ireland
099 Italy
098 Moldova
089 Serbia
079 Romania
076 France
073 Spain
064 Hungary
061 Denmark
060 Iceland
055 Lithuania
047 Finland
039 Slovenia
032 Estonia
025 Austria
002 Switzerland
Now this is very interesting how the public have voted, this is hugely different to the outcome of the contest. Now Azerbaijan still win but only by 2 points over Sweden, with Italy now only on 99 points in 11th place. United Kingdom does incredibly well getting 166 points placing them in  5th. Russia does far better with the voters getting 7th place compared to the 16th they actually managed in the combined vote. Interestingly Denmark does very poorly with the fans coming in the bottom half of the field behind Spain and Hungary. I’m also quiet shocked at how Slovenia only managed 39 points coming 22nd. I feel sorry for Switzerland who only manage 2 points from the televoters and Austria who only manage 25 points which is very disappointing. Now let’s have a look at the jury voting.
Final Jury voting:
251 Italy
182 Azerbaijan
168 Denmark
160 Slovenia
145 Austria
119 Ireland
117 Ukraine
111 Serbia
106 Sweden
104 Germany
090 Bosnia-Herzegovina
090 France
086 Romania
084 Greece
082 Moldova
075 Finland
079 Georgia
074 Estonia
072 Iceland
066 Lithuania
060 Hungary
057 United Kingdom
053 Switzerland
038 Spain
025 Russia
No shock really with Italy winning the jury vote this had been speculated for a while now. We now see how Slovenia and Denmark were saved by the juries coming 4th and 3rd respectively. Austria was also saved by the jury form a poor placing. The real shockers for me are the United Kingdom who came 21st in the jury vote, this definitely cost them a top.5 finish. Switzerland got saved of embarrassment by getting over 50 points from the jury. Russia did horrendously with the jurys coming last with 25 points. Another big Shocker has to be Lithuania going from jury favourite in Semi Final 1 to only coming 19th with the jury. This does show how much power the jury really does have over the voting now.

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