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Split Voting results announced SF2

Today the EBU has released the split voting results and boy are there some shockers lets see the semi final 2 results now:

Semi final 2 Televoting
159 Sweden
131 Bosnia-Herzegovina
121 Romania
115 Denmark
091 Ukraine
078 Ireland
068 Slovenia
061 Moldova
054 Belarus
052 Austria
051 Israel

050 Belgium
046 Estonia

043 Bulgaria
043 Latvia
040 Slovakia
033 FYR Macedonia
023 Cyprus
017 Netherlands
Now we see that the fans did not really that drastic in this semi final apart from the fact they gave Belarus 54 points, Belgium 50 and Estonia only 46 points, we also see that Dana International would have still missed out by 1 point on the final if the fans had their way. There is no real shock at the four at the bottom all the poorest songs in this semi final. Now let’s look at the jurys:

Semi final 2 Jury Voting
146 Slovenia
129 Denmark
099 Sweden
095 Austria
085 Romania
083 Estonia
076 Ukraine
071 Belgium
071 Slovakia
066 Ireland
065 Bosnia-Herzegovina
059 Bulgaria
053 Moldova

047 FYR Macedonia
038 Belarus
036 Israel
024 Cyprus
022 Netherlands
011 Latvia
We see that Estonia was saved by the jurys, also Belgium did very well in the jurys but the public saved them. We also see that Bosnia & Herzegovina both came in 10th and 11th in the jurys and so we would have seen Dino Merlin being left behind if the jurys had been in control. Belarus was also brought back down to earth by the jurys who placed them behind FYR Macedonia. So really there were no huge shockers in this semi final but let’s see what the final split votes say.

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