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United Kingdom Voting Results

Here are the United Kingdom’s results of their points from Semi Final 1 and also the Final showing both the jury and televoting votes and it’s a very interesting reading for everyone.

Semifinal One:

Points Televoting Jury Voting Combined Vote
12 Greece Lithuania Lithuania
10 Lithuania Hungary Hungary
08 Poland Finland Greece
07 Hungary Azerbaijan Iceland
06 Iceland Iceland Finland
05 Portugal Switzerland Poland
04 Turkey Serbia Azerbaijan
03 Finland Norway Portugal
02 Albania Georgia Switzerland
01 Norway Malta Turkey

Now what I find very interesting about the voting for SF1 is the way the points have gone this year. The jury and the public agree on Iceland, Lithuania and Hungary a lot whilst the public and the jury then go off on their own down the bottom. The jury like the Swiss, the public don’t, the public like Poland the jury don’t. This continues with Azerbaijan and Turkey, I find the most interesting part of the voting Turkey and Norway. Now Norway gets a 1 from the public and 3 from the jury and get 0 points, whilst the public give Turkey 4 and the jury give them 0 and Turkey get through. Now I would have thought that the combination votes would decided the points allocation not how much they got from 1 group. Now let’s have a look at the final voting:


Points Televoting Jury Voting Combined Vote
12 Ireland Switzerland Ireland
10 Moldova Italy Switzerland
08 Iceland Ireland Moldova
07 Lithuania Austria Italy
06 Spain Denmark Lithuania
05 Sweden Serbia Denmark
04 Greece Georgia Iceland
03 Denmark Sweden Sweden
02 Hungary Lithuania Austria
01 Germany Azerbaijan Spain

Now here is the shock of the voting for me, Switzerland went from getting just 5 points from the jury to getting 12 points from the jury in just 4 days, a bit odd but ohh well. We also see the expected 12 from the public to Ireland. There are no real shockers in the final apart from also the fact the Uk gave 0 points to Greece a stop of the run that had been going intermittently for the past few years. Overall this voting was far more predictable that the semi’s and the rest of the contest. Now the BBC is back to focusing on who will represent the Uk in Baku.

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