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This is a new series for Eurovoix which will cover all those nul point moments through the contests 55 year history. Nul point did not happen until Eurovision 1962 in Luxembourg when four countries all received nul points, these countries were:
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
This is mainly due to the fact that only 6 points were awarded  from, each countries to three out of 16 countries, meaning that nul point was highly likely. Without further to do let’s have a look at two of that years four nul point receivers. So we are off to Belgium who was the first song in Eurovision history to receive nul points. 
Song: Ton nom
Artist: Fud Leclerc
Music: Eric Channe
Lyrics: Tony Golan
Conductor: Henri Segers
Language: French
“Ton nom” was the 8th Belgian song to be sent to Eurovision as they were part of the original 7 countries that took part in Eurovision 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland. This was also the 4th time that Fud Leclerc had represented Belgium at the contest after being at the 1956, 1958 and 1960 contest. The song it’s self is about his love for a person and the romance that they go through with each other. Its lyrics are beautiful, just a bad year for Belgium this was the second of 8 last places that Belgium has had in the contest up to 2011.
Song: Ll

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