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This is a new series for Eurovoix which will cover all those nul point moments through the contests 55 year history. Nul point did not happen until Eurovision 1962 in Luxembourg when four countries all received nul points, we are now onto the following countries who received nul point that year:
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
This was mainly due to the fact that only 6 points were awarded  from, each countries to three out of 16 countries, meaning that nul point was highly likely. Without further to do let’s have a look at the last two of that years four nul point receivers. So we are off to Austria who were the third song in Eurovision history to receive nul points. 

Song: Nur in der Wiener Luft (Only in the Vienna Air)
Artist:  Eleonore Schwarz
Music:  Bruno Uher
Lyrics:  Bruno Uher
Conductor:  Bruno Uher
Language: German
This song was the sixth the song to be sent by Austria to the contest and the third to come last. In this song Schwarz songs about how the magical quality of the wind in Vienna inspire Waltz. Now this song was the final part of the trio that got nul points. This was the final part of the worse run of countries in Eurovision history. Up next we are off to the Netherlands who were the final country that got nul points.
 Song: Katinka

Artist:  De Spelbrekers
Music:  Joop Stokkermans
Lyrics:   Henny Hamhuis, Lodewijk Post
Conductor:   Dolf van der Linden
Language: Dutch
“Katinka” is about the way that a person watch Katinka, and the way that boys look at her and the effect she has on them. This song second last place position for Netherlands, and is the second of four last places. We also see the nul point phenomenon that made these two years the nul point era.

We will be back tomorrow with the nul points from 1963. See you guys tomorrow.

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