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Happy 55th Birthday

 The Eurovision Song Contest turns 55 turned. It bagn on the 24th of May with just seven countries in the Swiss Resort town of Lugano. Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland all began one of the worlds biggest tv shows of the year. Things have changed since 1956, here are just a few:

  1. It was called Grand Prix Eurovision de la chanson Europeene 1956
  2. Each country sent two songs to the contest
  3. There was only 1 male host Lohengrin Filipello
  4. There was an orchestra and a home conductor Fernando Paggi but for countries sent their own conductor.
  5. The songs could be no longer than 3.5 minutes
  6. The performers only had to be in  Lugano for the rehearsals
  7. There could be more than one winning song.
  8. The winner only won the title of the Grand Pix winner, no trophy was presented
  9. Countries voted 1-10 points meaning they could vote for themselves
  10. There was no language rule.

The first ever song at the contest was from the Netherlands who sent Jetty Paerl with “De Vogels Van Holland” All the documents from the 1956 contest were destroyed after the contest meaning that there are no rankings for that year’s contest. Only the winner Lys Assia was announced as the winner by the head of the jury of Swiss Television Rolf Liebermann. The winning song was one of two home entries, “Refrain” performed by Lys Assia who was accompanied by the Radiosa vocal quintet. The composers were Emile Gardaz and G

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