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Australia: SBS CEO Questioned About Eurovision Boycott in Israel

The CEO of the Australian broadcaster behind the nations participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has been questioned by Parliament about the possibility of boycotts of next years contest in Israel.

Michael Ebeid the CEO of SBS was questioned by Green Senator Lee Rhiannon, about whether the broadcaster would boycott next years Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. Ms Rhiannon’s question focused on the actions of the Israeli state along the border with Gaza, adding;

This means Eurovision‘s activities could impact on who lives and who dies. Will SBS consider these factors when it considers whether to participate in next year’s contest or if it’s held in 2020?

Mr Ebeid responded to the Senator by explaining that;

The whole point of Eurovision is to forget politics, forget all of that and unite communities and countries together in the spirit of song, in the spirit of celebration, in the spirit of culture. It transcends things you’re talking about

Israel has won before, Israel has hosted before and it in the spirit of unity and bringing people together and cultures together I can’t imagine that we would not televise Eurovision next year.

When further questioned about whether SBS had been following calls in other nations for their broadcasters to boycott the contest, Mr Ebeid added;

I’ve certainly not seen any serious boycott, I know some quarters have talked about it but as I say the European Broadcasting Union is all about uniting people and communities not about the dividing them and Eurovision Song Contest is something that transcends politics.

SBS has not confirmed whether they will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The nations participation in the contest is dependent on the 2019 Host broadcaster and the European Broadcasting Union inviting SBS to take part in the competition for another year.

Source: TV Tonight

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