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4 thoughts on “Norway: Marcus & Martinus Announcing The Jury Points”

  1. Also, let’s not forget that the minimum age for competing in the Eurovision Song Contest is of course 16. As a result, this isn’t the first time that someone under 16 announced a certain country’s points. Last time this happened was in 2014, when Michele Perniola announced the points from San Marino. He was born in September 1998, and he had to wait until 2015 to represent San Marino in the adult’s contest. He previously represented San Marino at Junior Eurovision 2013 which was held in (you guessed jt) Kiev. Therefore, since Marcus and Martinus were born in February 2002, we won’t be seeing in Melodi Grand Prix until (at least) 2018. 🙁

  2. Marcus and Martinus please coming to Bulgaria! I’m the big best your fan Martinus! Please!

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