Germany are revamping their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, with the new song to be released on April 14.

Germany has become the latest nation to announce that they are carrying out or have carried out a revamp of their song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. To date a total of ten countries have revamped their songs for this years contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. The release of the Eurovision version of “Perfect Life”, will be followed by the release of Levina’s debut album on April 28.

Levina and her song for Kyiv have faced plagiarism claims from German filmmaker Felix Maxim Eller, who claims that the song is similar to the soundtrack of one of his films. 24-year old Eller has claimed that “Perfect Life” plagiarises the soundtrack to his 2014 movie “Young and Wild”. The titular song from the movie, written and performed by Serbian singer Aleksandra Kovac, predates Levina’s song by release date. However she too has expressed her concern over the origin of Levinia’s song.

“Perfect Life” was written by Lindsey Ray, Lindy Robbins and Dave Bassett, and it has been claimed that their composition predates the film, and hence could not have plagiarised the soundtrack. Sony Music have launched a copyright claim against the song, and are investigating the matter by speaking with the composers of “Perfect Life”.

Levina was chosen by the German public to represent her country in Kyiv in early February, and her rendition of “Perfect Life” prevailed in the superfinal over her other entry, “Wildfire”. The song received an impressive 69% of the votes. It remains to be seen whether the song will be found guilty of plagiarism, or what action would be taken in the event of this.


Germany was one of seven countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The country has taken part in every contest apart from the 1996 contest when they failed to make it through the qualifying round. To date Germany has won the contest twice, the first time being in 1982 when Nicole sang “Ein Bisschen Frieden”, which became a global hit. Germany didn’t win again until 2010, when Lena sang “Satellite” in Oslo. She received 9 sets of 12 points, scoring 236 points overall. In the past two years Germany has finished last in the final.