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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 To Be Held On November 26

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be held on November 26 in the Georgian Capital, Tbilisi.

GPB and the European Broadcasting Union have announced today that the 15th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on November 26 at the Tbilisi Sports Palace. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is travelling to Georgia for the first time, following the victory of Mariam Mamadashvili in Malta last November. Today’s announcement confirms that the contest will once again be held on a Sunday.

Tbilisi is the Capital of Georgia and has been inhabited since 479 A.D. Around 1.5 million people call Tbilisi home, with the city set on the banks of the Kura River. Since the fall of the Soviet Union there has been significant investment in the city’s infrastructure and amenities, with the city now home to a wide variety of word class facilities. The city is served by the Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport, a total of 30 airlines serve the city with direct flights to Russia, Ukraine, UK, the Netherlands and Greece among a number of other countries.

To date the following countries have confirmed their participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017:

  • Belarus
  • Cyprus
  • Georgia –  Host nation
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Russia

The following countries participated in the 2016 contest but are yet to publicly confirm participation:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Malta
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine

Source: GPB & EBU

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Georgia have won the contest on three occasions, making them the country with the most victories throughout the history of the contest. Georgia debuted in JESC in 2007 with Mariam Romelashvili and her song “Odelia Ranuni”, where she placed 4th with 116 points. Their first win was just a year later in 2008, with the trio Bzikebi and their song “Bzz”. Their second win was in 2011 with the group Candy and their song “Candy Music”. Most recently in 2016 eleven year old Mariam Mamadashvili performed her song Mzeo in JESC 2016 host city Malta, and took the victory with 239 points. This will be the first time that Georgia will host any Eurovision event.

6 thoughts on “Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 To Be Held On November 26”

  1. Great! But I am disappointed that the contest will take place on a Sunday. In Australia, we have to watch it on a Monday morning and if they hold the contest in the afternoon like they did last year, we have to watch it at 2:00 AM in order to see it live.

    1. But here’s the good part: this year’s venue has a much bigger capacity than last year! 🙂

      I’ll show you the difference:
      Valletta 2016, Mediterranean Conference Centre: 1,400 seats
      Tbilisi 2017, Tbilisi Sports Palace: 11,000 seats

      Also, for those who didn’t like last year’s voting system, keep praying for the EBU to bring back televoting. 🙂

  2. Here’s my prediction for the participating countries.

    * Albania
    * Armenia
    * Belarus
    * Bulgaria
    * Cyprus
    * France (returning)
    * Georgia (of course!)
    * Greece (returning)
    * Ireland
    * Italy
    * Macedonia
    * Malta
    * Montenegro (returning)
    * Netherlands
    * Poland
    * Russia
    * Serbia
    * Ukraine

    * Australia (because I know why some people don’t want anyone from down under to compete, not that I agree or anything)
    * Israel (because of the bad result in Valletta)

  3. On twitter, the official Eurovision Rai profile tweeted the date and the fact that WE MUSTN’T MAKE COMMITTMENTS ON 26 NOVEMBER. So, I think that Italy almost confirms its participation! 🙂

  4. Here’s my prediction for 2017:

    *Austria (debuting)
    *Belgium (returning)
    *Finland (debuting)
    *Germany (debuting)
    *Greece (returning)
    *Spain (returning)
    *United Kingdom (returning)


    *Australia (I don’t think that Australia would compete in Georgia. Australia is allowed to compete in Eurovision this year in Kyiv, but not this time in Junior Eurovision in Georgia. Australia should withdraw in 2018 Eurovision Song Contest as well.)
    *Israel (Due to the bad result in Valletta, just like beccaboo1212 said.)
    *Serbia (Due to the last place in Valletta)

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