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Bulgaria is expected to once again internally select their participant for the Eurovision Song Contest after the success of Poli Genova.

The official Twitter account for Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest has stated that the country plans once again to internally select their entrant for the contest. Subject to approval from the BNT board the broadcaster is planning to make a call for  projects, producers and composers and will select their entrant for Kyiv from the submissions. The country will not be holding a televised selection process in 2017.

BNT last held a televised selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest, was in 2013 when Elitsa & Stoyan performed three songs in a national final. The last time the Bulgarian public selected both the artist and singer who would perform at the contest was in 2012 when BNT held an 18 artist selection. Sofi Marinova with “Love Unlimited” was selected to represent the country in Baku.

To date the following countries have either internally selected their participant or have announced they will use an internal selection:

  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan – Dihaj
  • Belgium – Blanche
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus – Hovig
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • France
  • Ireland – Brendan Murray
  • Macedonia – Jana Burceska
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands – O’G3NE

At the 2016 contest in Stockholm Bulgaria had their best result to date. The country was represented by Poli Genova and the song “If Love Was A Crime”, finishing in 4th place in the final with 307 points. 2016 saw Bulgaria make only their second final in their Eurovision history, the first being in 2007 when Elitsa & Stoyan finished 5th with the song “Water”. Bulgaria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005. The country competed annually from 2005 to 2013, before withdrawing for two years due to financial issues.

BNT has stated that they will be making an announcement next week, no details have been stated with regards to the subject of the announcement.

Source: BNT

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