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Turkey: NTU Director General States Turkey Will Not Participate in Eurovision 2017

The Director General of the Ukrainian national broadcaster, Zurab Alasania has stated that TRT has refused to participate in Eurovision 2017.

Zurab Alasania has revealed on Twitter that the Turkish national broadcaster, TRT has categorically refused to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. According to Mr Alasania, the EBU has now decided to approach the largest private broadcasters in Turkey about broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest next year. He added that currently no broadcasters have signed up to broadcast the contest to date.

Neither the EBU or TRT have confirmed this information. In 2015 it took until the start of November for TRT to make a public statement regarding their decision not to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Turkey withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 in protest to the inclusion of jury voting in the contest. Reports at the time stated that Turkey had been due to withdraw from the contest in 2012, however attended the contest in Azerbaijan after intervention from the President of Azerbaijan. TRT has not broadcast the contest since 2012, despite planning to do so in 2013.

To date a total of 40 countries have stated their interest in participating or have confirmed their participation in next years contest. Only San Marino and Australia who competed last year are yet to officially confirm their participation. While Turkey and Slovakia are both yet to publicly state whether they will be competing in next years contest. Furthermore there are rumors that Kazakhstan may be joining the 2017 contest due to yet unrevealed rule changes by the EBU.

Source: Zurab Alasania

7 thoughts on “Turkey: NTU Director General States Turkey Will Not Participate in Eurovision 2017”

  1. I can imagine around 42 countries taking part in Kiev, however I think it’s an open possibility that San Marino and Moldova will withdraw…

  2. This was so predictable. They have withdrawn every late atumn every year. I bet they will do like that next year too

  3. Turkey and Slovakia will not participate next year, but Turkey and Slovakia will start confirming participation for 2018. However, San Marino will confirm it. And instead of Australia confirming participation, there should be a associate members final on December 6th in Poland, with the associate member winner qualifying for the Eurovision 2017 Final in Kyiv.

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