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PBS the Maltese national broadcaster is to make changes to the way the country selects their Eurovision 2017 participant.

Joe Bundy the new CEO of PBS confirmed that for 2017 the Maltese public will be the ones deciding who represents them in Kyiv, Ukraine. The announcement means the removal of the jury voting from the selection process. The previous voting method gave the jury an 83.33% say in the result with the Maltese public having just a 16.66% say in who represented them. The jury was made up of five individuals including international members.

Had only televoting been used in the 2016 selection Ira Losco would have still be selected to go to Stockholm for Malta. However the top.3 would have seen Christabelle take the place of Franklin in third place. In Stockholm, Malta finished 12th in the final with a total of 153 points, the country had been hoping that Ira would bring Eurovision to Malta for the first time.


5 thoughts on “Malta: PBS Makes Changes To Eurovision Selection”

    1. Probably in the next 24 hours. I understand why some people want more energetic songs at JESC, so I dunno if this year’s Maltese JESC entry will either that or a ballad. Well have to find out!

  1. 100% televoting is a little dangerous but let’s see how Malta will end up doing… I hope at least well with the televote because they usually don’t, they only do well with the juries but that’s not enough for the victory they want. You have to satisfy both the televoters and the juries if you want to win.

  2. Hopefully, Christina Magrin will sing “If You Were Young” for the host nation at the Junior Eurovision 2016 in Malta.

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