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San Marino: To Reveal Song & Singer For Eurovision 2017 on Saturday?

Reports from the Italian Eurovision website, Eurofestival News, states that San Marino are to reveal their entry for Eurovision 2017 on Saturday.

According to Eurofestival News, San Marino will be revealing both their singer and song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 this Saturday. According to the report the reveal of the San Marinese entry comes at the start of a new broadcasting season for San Marino RTV. The reveal is reported to take pace at 20:00 CET this Saturday, with the broadcast coming live from Best Western Hotel di San Marino.

San Marino has internally selected both their song and singer for the Eurovision Song Contest every year that they have participated in Eurovision. The announcement of their participant for 2017 would be the countries earliest announcement since 2013, when Valentina Monetta was announced as the countries singer for Eurovision 2014 shortly after the contest was held.

Source: Eurofestival News

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