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Tamilla Shirinova has revealed to that she is no longer the Head of Delegation for Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tamilla Shirinova became the Azerbaijani Head of Delegation in 2015 following on from Husniye Maharramova. Over the course of the two years that she was head of delegation, she brought Azerbaijan a 12th and a 17th place finish in the contest.

Azerbaijan’s new Head of Delegation has not been announced to date. Furthermore the country is yet to publicly confirm their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. They along with Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro and San Marino have yet to publicly state their intention to compete in next years contest.

To date a total of 35 countries have stated their intention to compete or have shown an interest in taking to the stage in Kyiv. Portugal has stated their intention to return to the contest, while Romania looks likely to return having filed the paperwork necessary to compete. Bosnia & Herzegovina is the only country at this moment that is likely to withdraw from next years contest.

Source: Tamilla Shirinova

4 thoughts on “Azerbaijan: Tamilla Shirinova Dropped as Head of Delegation”

  1. I doubt they will withdraw. To drop the Head of Delegation after two consecutive years out of the top 10 probably means the Azerbaijan member station REALLY WANTS to do well at Eurovision.

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