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The European Broadcasting Union has revealed more details of the planned format for Choir of the Year 2017.

As revealed last week “Choir of the Year” is planned to be hosted by the Latvian national broadcaster LTV on July 22, 2017. The event will bring together between eight and twelve countries, each represented by one non-professional choir of any genre. The contest will be integrated into the European Choir Games 2017 with the contest taking place just before the closing ceremony for the Games.

The first contest has now been announced as running fora total of 120 minutes and being held at the Arena Riga which has a capacity of 8,000. The budget for the contest has been set at €150,000. The staging of the performances will not allow the use of bands or an orchestra. Choirs may use instruments only if played by singers. Soloists are allowed however they are not allowed to dominate the performance. Backing tracks will be used for the performances but are not allowed to contain any prerecorded vocals.

Changes have also been confirmed since the rules were first announced. Choirs will now only perform once for up to 6 minutes. The performance can include one or several works, of any genre ,and “should in part reflect national or regional character in some way”. As previously announced a jury will decide the winner of the contest, this jury will be made up of prominent international musicians.

Choir of the Year 2017 will be confirmed as being held on November 30, 2016 if sufficient interest from broadcasters is received.

Source: EBU

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