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Hovi Star
Hovi finished 14th in the final

Israel has confirmed that they will be participating in Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine.

Israel has confirmed they’ll be participating in next years Eurovision Song Contest. For a third year running they will be using Hakochav Haba to select their participant for the contest. Applications to participate in next years contest have been opened and you can apply to take part here. Since the introduction of Hakochav Haba as the selection process Israel has made the final every year.

In Stockholm, Israel were represented by Hovi Star with the song “Made of Stars”, he finished 14th in the final with 135 points.


5 thoughts on “Israel: Confirms Eurovision 2017 Participation”

    1. That would be amazing. I really want them to stop doing Kochav Habah (i am from israel). we have so many great singers and artists that could go and represent us that are well-established.

      1. Yeah, and by the way “Same Heart” was sooo amazing! I was really chocked when you guys didn’t reach the final in 2014, you were one of my favorites.

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