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Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT May Be Removed From The EBU

5.4 million Euros is owed to the EBU

BHRT the Bosnian national broadcaster may be removed from the EBU as soon as May 31 due to outstanding debts.

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s national broadcaster may become the second country within two months to be removed from the European Broadcasting Union due to outstanding debts. BHRT has been given until the end of May to settle part of their debt to the EBU or they will be suspended from the organisation.

BHRT currently owes the EBU 6 million Swiss Francs (5.4 million Euro) in unpaid fees. If BHRT does not meet the current schedule of payments the national broadcaster will lose access to news services and sports rights such as Euro 2016.

Romania’s national broadcaster TVR was removed from the EBU at the end of April having amassed a debt of 17 million Swiss Francs to the EBU.

Source: BHRT

12 thoughts on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT May Be Removed From The EBU”

  1. There are many countries in economical crises in today’s europe, let’s just rename the contest to MGP Nordic+Russia+Malta

    1. Me too! Bosnia is one of the strongest countries in Eurovision since the semi finals were introduced, only missing out on one ocassion. Would be quite sad if Bosnia leaves us again…

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