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What has happened to Ukraine?

Ukraine have managed to redeem themselves from their last place in 2010 but have only managed to come 11th out of 13 countries. They managed to get 43 points including the normal 12 from Australia (the EBU). So Ukraine managed 31 points not great, what happened to the days of doing quite well in the contest coming 5th and 2nd.


It seems that Evropa may just have nose-dived on the night, it was a very strong song when it was revealed expected by many including myself to get Ukraine back into the top 5 to 7 countries yet once again they failed to perform when it mattered. They did get a few ok scores from some nations, a 7 from Georgia, 5 from Armenia and Russia but apart from that it’s just 1s, 2s and a 3.


Ukraine is just lacking that song that captures the imagination of the children watching, they can no longer rely on the votes of Moldova or Belarus who gave 1 and 2 points respectively. It’s a bit depressing if I am totally honest, my first contest was the 2009 edition from Kiev, I hated their song but they were a brilliant host nation. They just need to rethink what they do for Junior Eurovision.

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