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The Most Successful Moldovan Artist Ever....

For a nation that we did not whether or not they were going to get to Yerevan or not they have done very well. I have been a fan of their entry since it was first released, on stage tonight she just had that sassy flare that we all loved. She had power over the stage and was a true Diva. They only debuted back in 2010 in Minsk with “Ali Baba” what I still believe has to be one of the most cringe songs ever.


It was good to see ?tefan Ro?covan presenting the Moldovan votes, did not even recognise him at all. But Lerica wow, “No No” it was the first song of the night that made me sit up and pay attention, I still don’t understand why they had the scooter but that does not matter. Lerica scored an impressive 10 points from Bulgaria, 8 from Belarus, 7 from Ukraine, 6s from Russia and Armenia. Moldova has to be proud, Lerica has equaled

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