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Why ohh why does it never work for Sweden

Going into this evening the you tube views counter had Sweden in 1st place, 1 fan poll had them to win, 4 had them to come 2nd and yet they lag in 9th place. Just what exactly went wrong for Sweden.


Now “Faller” was by far the best song that was entered into the contest in my view, it was professional, it had a modern feel to it and would have fitted in perfectly in the charts. Yet in Junior Eurovision is just fell apart. When watching his performance tonight we finally saw him smile, he looked like he was enjoying himself and it go a brilliant response in the arena, yet that did not turn into televotes.


If we look back at the televotes we see a very clear East-West divide with this song. Belgium and the Netherlands gave it 8 and 6 points respectively, with in the East the highest points being an 8 from Latvia their Baltic neighbour. Then all we see from there is 4 points Armenia, 0 Belarus, 3 Bulgaria, 0 FYR Macedonia, 0 Georgia, 5 Lithuania, 3 Moldova, 4 Russia and 4 Ukraine. It just seems to me that Sweden always gets a bit left out by the East. Lets have a look back at their 2010 entry as well.


“Allt jag vill ha” was a brilliant song, it captured a brilliant song that appealed to a lot of people, it had power and was just brilliant to listen to yet it drags in, in 11th pace on 48 points. I just feel that Junior Eurovision is lacking that Western presence which is limiting the success of Western Entries. There are only 3 Western nations in the contest out of 13, we need to see the return of the likes of Norway, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom and the debut of Italy and San Marino, Austria and Germany. I just feel sorry for Sweden that is all.

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