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Total Points received: 1216
Points received in the semi finals: 511
Points received in the finals: 705
Average points per contest: 304 (Semi Final + Final)

Azerbaijan only debuted back in 2008 but has managed to reach nearly as many points as Austria has in 44 years within just 4, that is 11x quicker. By next year’s contest if they get the average amount of points that they have received in both semi final and final they will have passed Austria by 147 points, which would be 9x quicker than Austria. Now let’s see who Azerbaijan votes for, in first is the Ukraine on 42 points an average of 10.5 points per year their most recent points coming this year via 12 points to “Angel”. 2nd place is Turkey on 36 points an average of 9 points per contest, their most recent points coming as 12 points in the final of 2010. 3rd up is neighbouring Georgia on 22 points an average of 5.5 points per contest their most recent points are a 10 to Georgia in this year’s final, now let’s see how the points are returned to them. Up in 1st place is Turkey on 48 meaning 12 points every contest, this would be the same for Turkey if they had made it to the final this year. Interestingly Ukraine is 2nd on 42 points the same as Azerbaijan has given them, Ukraine most recently gave them 10 points. In 3rd place is Russia who only ranked 4th in points given, Russia has given Azerbaijan 37 points most recently giving them douze points in 2011. 4th is Moldova on 35 and Belarus on 30. The next nation up interestingly is Belarus.

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