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OGAECyprus Voting Results

OGAE Cyprus in the next OGAE fan club to announce their votes of rthis years contest. Here are the votes they gave:
  • Hungary 12
  • France 10
  • United Kingdom 8
  • Denamrk 7
  • Norway 6
  • Sweden 5
  • Estonia 4
  • Azerbiajan 3
  • Israel 2
  • Greece 1

As we see now the Top 4 are covered by a gap of 22 points, 1st and second are covered by 8 points and 2nd and 3rd by only 3 points. We also see today that Estonia is catching back up only 40 points behind the United Kingdom and we see Denmark receiving their first points in 8 countries. Again no new countries in the voting and Hungary is on a hat trick of 12 now. Here is a detailed look at the votes: OGAE Votes

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