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Ding Dong: Israel Official Video

Today the Israeli Delegation have released the final official video to this year’s song “Dong Dong” from Dana International. The video was directed by Uri Shitzer and it is truly great with a variety of settings and outfits, the song feels more modern in the video and feels more up to date than the staging at Kadam. Without further to do here is the video:

Here is my reveiw of the song from earlier in April:

“Ding Dong” however dated it may sound is a huge fan favourite, not because it is a great song but because of Dana. I think it is a decent song, her voice could be a bit better and avoid the high notes, however it is incredibly catchy and I do tap my toes to this. The backing vocals are brilliant and it is definitely a vibrant song, it will no doubt get points from the fans, but from the general public I’m not sure. Israel have gone with a former winner and a huge personality, whether they have gone with the right person is yet to be seen. This I see placing 9-13th, it is great to see Dana back.

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