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Rehersals from the Esprit Arena p1 1st of May

First four countries today to rehearse were Poland, Norway, Albania and Armenia. Now as not to spoil the semi finals for myself I’m not going to watch any of the videos, but let you decide what you like and dislike about each of the acts. I will however leave my opinion of the songs from my earlier look into the semi finals.

First up is Poland with Jestem sung by Magdelena Tul, by far the best Polish entry in years. Here is the performance:

Here is my reveiw of the song:

Jestem took 44.47% of the vote in the Polish national selection more than double that of second place. Jestem is fully sung in Polish and is an upbeat dance song. The song has a catchy hook and is very memorable, this has to be one of the best songs Poland has sent in years, after the disaster of the Polish song last year which finished 13th in semi final 1 with just 44 points and also involving a strangle hold of one of the other singers on stage anything is a vast improvement. This songs is currently tipped to make it through to the final , making this year’s song possibly the first qualifier to the grand final since 2008 when Isis Gee came 24th in the Final with “For Life”
Second on stage in Dusseldorf is Stella Mwangi representing Norway with the brilliantly upbeat song “Haba Haba” Her first rehearsal in Dusseldorf:
Here is my reveiw of the song from earlier in April:
Haba Haba gripped the Melodi Grand Prix in Norway since it was presented on stage in one of the qualification rounds when it has reached the Final at the Oslo Spektrum it had a huge following across Norway and received over 250,000 votes on the night beating second place by more than double. It was no.1 in the Norwegian charts for 1 month and is now a huge fan favourite currently sitting in a place for the qualification to the final in semi final 1. It is a hugely upbeat song and has you singing along and tapping your toes every time. Quick Fact: Haba Haba is the first Eurovision song ever to feature any African language, even when Morocco entered in 1980 they did not sing in any Africa Dialect instead just going for Arabic and finishing second to last with just 7 points.

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