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Hungary: “Az én apám” Undergoes Revamp

Joci Pápai has revealed to Hungarian media that “Az én apám” has undergone a revamp after winning A Dal 2019.

Speaking to Hungarian media, Joci Pápai has revealed that his song for Tel Aviv “Az én apám” has undergone a revamp since winning the nations Eurovision selection. Joci explained that he wasn’t entirely happy with the first version of the song and wanted to perfect it ahead of Eurovision.

I know that I’m a maximalist and very critical of myself. During my A Dal performances, we continually made changes, but even after the final I felt that something was missing, so I went to the studio two days ago. I wanted to make sure that I had no shortcomings with the song. So my conscience is clear that I was able to polish something. 

He said that the main story of his song is that:

In this fast-paced world we have to slow down and we need to pay close attention to our loved ones and to show our love in the present, because if we lose them, it can create a very big wound.

MTVA the Hungarian national broadcaster has not yet announced when the revamped version of “Az én apám” will be revealed.

Source: Bors

Hungary debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994, they were represented by Friderika Bayer and the song “Kinek mondjam el vetkeimet”. She went on to finish in 4th place scoring a total of 122 points and four sets of 12 points. This result remains’ Hungary’s best in their history in the contest. Hungary participated from 1994 to 1994 before withdrawing until 2005, the country didn’t return again until 2008. Hungary then once again withdrew in 2010 before returning in 2011. Since their return in 2011 Hungary has qualified for the final every year.

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