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The Netherlands: Junior Eurovision National Final to Take Place on September 29th

The date of the Junior Songfestival in The Netherlands has been revealed.

The final of the Dutch Junior Eurovision national final Junior Songfestival has been revealed as September 29th this year. Tickets for the event will go on sale next month.

Auditions took place at the beginning of the year, with the following artists making it through to the next round:

  1. Anna G. from Raalte 
  2. Anne B. from Voorschoten 
  3. Astera T. from Amsterdam 
  4. Bijou K. from Almelo 
  5. Britta C. from Landsmeer 
  6. Caitlin V. from Almelo 
  7. Casper S. from Bergschenhoek 
  8. Cato H. from Haarlem 
  9. Demi vd B. from Delden 
  10. Emmie M. from Baarn 
  11. Eva S. from Maassluis 
  12. Febe J. from Tilburg 
  13. Jada S. from Lelystad 
  14. Jamie N. from Almere 
  15. Jasmijn V. from Haarlem 
  16. Jazz F. from Uden 
  17. Jens H. from Noordwijkerhout 
  18. Joëlle V. from Rhoon 
  19. Jon H. from Hengelo 
  20. Jonas S. from Eindhoven 
  21. July S. from Enschede 
  22. Kiya v. R from IJsselstein 
  23. Lars M. from Ermelo 
  24. Madelief v. L. from Apeldoorn
  25. Max A. from Houten 
  26. Miencke K. from Berghem 
  27. Mimi G. from Amsterdam 
  28. Noa Z. from Medemblik 
  29. Pieter G. from Elsloo 
  30. Rianne D. from Hasselt 
  31. Eomay v. O. from Benschop 
  32. Roula B. from The Hague 
  33. Rune V. v. Z from Hillegom 
  34. Sander S. from Soest 
  35. Sem B. from Berkel-Enschot 
  36. Sharieke d. R. from Wijdenes 
  37. Tom H. from Utrecht 
  38. Xanne vd D. from Heenvliet 
  39. Yvana S. from Apeldoorn

No further details have been revealed.

Fource was selected to represent the Netherlands at last year’s contest in Tbilisi, Georgia, with “Love Me”. The group finished fourth with 156 points, the best result for the Netherlands since 2011.

Source: Junior Songfestival

The Netherlands debuted at the first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. To date the country has only won the competition once. Their only victory came in 2009 when Ralf Mackenbach performed “Click Clack” scoring a total of 121 points, this was just 5 points more than runners-up Armenia and Russia. The Netherlands narrowly lost the contest in 2011 when Rachel performed “Teenager”, she lost by 5 points. The Netherlands worst result came in 2015 when Shalisa finished in 15th place out of 17 competing countries.

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