Croatian media are reporting that the long running national final Dora could be brought back to select the Croatian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. This comes after multiple calls from music industry figures to revive the selection.

Siniša Škarica, the editor and producer of Croatia Records is one of those calling for a return to Dora. He says that the internal selections of the previous years have passed the public by and that a national selection should be organised again to find the best song. He suggests that by seeing a wide selection of artists and songs, the Croatian public’s interest in Eurovision would increase.

Former Head of Delegation for Croatia, Ksenija Urličić agrees with Škarica’s opinions, saying that during the years of Dora, Croatia’s results were better than they are now. Even though she enjoyed Jacques Houdek’s performance in Kyiv, she says that Dora was a way for public to be involved, to cheer for their idols and was also a chance for younger songwriters to come up with their songs. The Croatia’s Composers Society is also welcoming any chance to democratise the selection of Croatia’s entry.

Dora was used to select all of Croatia’s Eurovision entries from 1993 until 2011. HRT cancelled the selection after 2011, citing Croatia’s poor results in the last ten years and decreasing public interest. All Croatian entries since then have been chosen through internal selection.

There are also rumours of potential Croatian representatives for Eurovision 2018. One name frequently mentioned is Danijela Martinović, who represented Croatia in 1995 as part of Magazin and as a solo artist in 1998. She is rumoured to be working on an entry with her partner and the composer of her 1998 entry, Petar Grašo. Some fans are for the New Zealand singer Lorde, who is of partial Croatian descent and has honorary Croatian citizenship, to represent the country in Lisbon. HRT has yet to announce their selection method for the 2018 contest.


Croatia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993, they were one of three countries to debut in the contest that year. Croatia’s best result came in 1999 when Doris Dragovic finished 4th in Jerusalem. She performed the song “Marija Magdalena” which scored a total of 118 points, this included 12 points from Slovenia and Spain. Croatia returned to the contest in 2016 having withdrawn after the 2013 contest due to a string of poor results and financial difficulties.