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Eurojury 2017: Checkout This Years Jury Members

With the live broadcast of Eurojury 2017 tomorrow evening, checkout who has decided 50% of this years votes from 37 countries.

With just two national juries in San Marino and Malta to go tomorrow and the live broadcast from 20:00 CET, checkout who has decided 50% of this years vote. In total 71 artists performers from the history of the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as well as some familiar faces from national selections across Europe have been judging this years songs.

As ever 50% of the vote is being decided by national juries and 50% by you, the public. This creates the most accurate representation of a result likely to be seen in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest this May in Kyiv. Each juror is asked to form a top 10 ranking of their favourite competing songs which is combined with the other jurors in their country.

The points from one to eight of each of the national juries have been revealed over the past eleven days. The 10 and 12 points will be revealed in a live broadcast on April 22 from 20:00 CET. These jury results will be announced along with the result of the online public vote via, which closed on April 16th.

Checkout who is on your jury:

[tw-accordion class=””]
[tw-accordion-section title=”Albania”]
Mishela Rapo – Junior Eurovision 2015 Klesta Qehaja – Junior Eurovision 2016
[tw-accordion-section title=”Armenia”]
Stephanie Topalian – Eurovision 2015 Christina Mangasaryan Opera Viva Gevorg Harutyunyan Dalita – Junior Eurovision 2011
[tw-accordion-section title=”Australia”]
Alexa Curtis – Junior Eurovision 2016 Bella Paige – Junior Eurovision 2015
[tw-accordion-section title=”Austria”]
Sara Koell Stella Jones – Eurovision 1995 Laura Kamhuber
[tw-accordion-section title=”Belarus”]
Gunesh Uzari – Eurovision 2015
[tw-accordion-section title=”Belgium”]
Axel Hirsoux – Eurovision 2014 Eva Jacobs
[tw-accordion-section title=”Bosnia & Herzegovina”]
DEEN – Eurovision 2004 & 2016
[tw-accordion-section title=”Bulgaria”]
Simona Sivanio
[tw-accordion-section title=”Denmark”]
[tw-accordion-section title=”Estonia”]
[tw-accordion-section title=”Finland”]
Geir Ronning – Eurovision 2005 Annica Milan & Kimmo Blom
[tw-accordion-section title=”France”]
Jessy Matador – Eurovision 2010
[tw-accordion-section title=”Georgia”]
Nika Kocharov – Eurovision 2016 The Shin – Eurovision 2014
[tw-accordion-section title=”Germany”]
Laura Pinski Felicia Lu
[tw-accordion-section title=”Greece”]
Kalomira – Eurovision 2008
[tw-accordion-section title=”Hungary”]
Spoon 21 Rocktenors Peet Project
[tw-accordion-section title=”Iceland”]
Alda Dís Arnardóttir
[tw-accordion-section title=”Ireland”]
Aimee Banks – Junior Eurovision 2015 Eamonn Toll – Eurovision 2000 Marc Roberts – Eurovision 1997
[tw-accordion-section title=”Latvia”]
Aminata – Eurovision 2015 Yana Kay – Eurovision 2003 Miks Galvanovskis Edgars Kreilis
[tw-accordion-section title=”Lithuania”]
4FUN – Eurovision 2007 Otreya Andrius Petrauskas
[tw-accordion-section title=”Luxembourg”]
Gast Waltzing – Eurovision 1989
[tw-accordion-section title=”Malta”]
Karen DeBattista Christina Magrin – Junior Eurovision 2016 Brooke Janice Mangion Danica Muscat Kim Cortis
[tw-accordion-section title=”Moldova”]
Eduard Romanyuta – Eurovision 2015 Samir Loghin
[tw-accordion-section title=”Monaco”]
Severine Ferrer – Winner of Eurovision 1971 Severine – Eurovision 2006
[tw-accordion-section title=”Montenegro”]
Crveni i crno
[tw-accordion-section title=”The Netherlands”]
Mylene & Rosanne – Junior Eurovision 2013 Ralf Mackenbach – Winner of Junior Eurovision 2009 Tim Dowsma
[tw-accordion-section title=”Norway”]
JP Paulsen
[tw-accordion-section title=”Poland”]
Sasha Strunin – Eurovision 2007 Olivia Wieczorek – Junior Eurovision 2015 Agata Nizinska Lidia Kopania – Eurovision 2009
[tw-accordion-section title=”Portugal”]
Lena D’agua
[tw-accordion-section title=”Romania”]
[tw-accordion-section title=”San Marino”]
Arianna – Junior Eurovision 2015
[tw-accordion-section title=”Serbia”]
Marko Kon – Eurovision 2009
[tw-accordion-section title=”Slovenia”]
Martina Majerle – Eurovision 2009
[tw-accordion-section title=”Spain”]
Maika Barbero Romy Low
[tw-accordion-section title=”Switzerland”]
Shana Pearson Lys Assia – Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1956
[tw-accordion-section title=”Turkey”]
Zeliha Sunal
[tw-accordion-section title=”Ukraine”]
Aghiazma Tayanna

6 thoughts on “Eurojury 2017: Checkout This Years Jury Members”

    1. Hi Evan, We contacted a large number of past Eurovision and selection participants, however this year we were unsuccessful in having a jury member from the United Kingdom.

        1. If a country isn’t listed they do not have a jury. We contacted singers from every country that has competed in the contest, there is no guarantee that an artist will agree in each country.

          1. Still….well done Anthony. 37 national juries. That’s the total list of participants for the 2014 contest in Copenhagen :-).

            One question I have. Were you a bit your own ‘producer’, in that you decided which countries until today were surging relatively late on the scoreboard ;-)?

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