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San Marino: EBU Rejects Broadcasters Proposal For “Televote” in Kyiv

The European Broadcasting Union has responded to the proposal of San Marino RTV to introduce a “televote” for the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

San Marino RTV has confirmed today that they have received a response from the European Broadcasting Union, rejecting the broadcasters proposal to introduce a voting method that would enable a televote within San Marino. Director General of San Marino RTV submitted their proposal to the EBU who oversee the Eurovision Song Contest in November. As of yesterday the broadcaster had not heard any response from the European Broadcasting Union.

Currently and going forward into the 2017 contest San Marino’s vote in the competition is decided by 50% San Marinese jury and 50% public vote. However, the public vote used is formed by a number of unknown countries televoting results. This occurs as San Marino cannot hold its own televote due to sharing its telephone infrastructure with Italy. The delegation after the 2016 contest despite requests was not informed of which countries were used to decide San Marino’s televote.

The broadcaster had suggested a major change to enable San Marino to have it’s own televote at this years contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. The proposal put forward by San Marino RTV would have created a statistically representative sample of viewers from a set number of people living in San Marino. These public ‘panel members’ would have been required to watch two of the three Eurovision broadcasts and vote via the web in the same window of voting used by other European television viewers. The vote of this ‘panel’ would have joined that of the jury to go to form the total vote of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In case of problems or malfunctions of the simulated remote voting system, San Marino RTV stated that the European Broadcasting Union may then resort to an emergency vote putting the current system to use not as a primary option, but as a backup.

San Marino RTV has thanked the European Broadcasting Union for responding to their proposal and stated that they hope to pursue the matter as soon as possible.

Source: San Marino RTV

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San Marino debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 alongside Azerbaijan. On their debut they were represented by Miodio and the song “Complice”, when they finished last in their semi final with just 5 points. Following this San Marino withdrew from the contest before returning again in 2011. Since then the country has participated annually and in 2014 qualified for the grand final for the first time, when they were represented by Valentina Monetta for a third consecutive year. Her song “Maybe” went on to finish 24th in the final in Copenhagen with a total of 14 points, and is their highest-scoring entry.

5 thoughts on “San Marino: EBU Rejects Broadcasters Proposal For “Televote” in Kyiv”

  1. Oy! This might prompt them to withdraw. I was looking forward to seeing if they will poach a national contest contender who lost or was eliminated. Somebody at this site wants San Marino to grab Mirela. Others want them to grab Loreen or Kerli.

  2. @jawnbc: Which is why they should consider poaching a high-valued national contest loser from another country. It won’t necessarily be San Marino getting the points, as much as it is the artist who is representing them getting the points. They did invite Serhat from Turkey (who boycotted last year) to sing for them. Why not someone who many say got a raw deal in a recent contest?

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