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Cyprus: Hovig Films “Gravity” Music Video

Hovig is currently filming the music video for his Eurovision 2017 song “Gravity”.

The Cypriot representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Hovig has revealed on his social media today that he is currently filming the music video for his Eurovision song “Gravity”, a few weeks ahead of the official release date for the song.

Cyprus will release their song in full on March 1st. Hovig had been releasing multiple hints as to the title of his song on his Facebook and Twitter. The first hint had simply pictured a spaceman’s helmet. The second featured the scientific equation “g0 = 9.80665 m/s2”, which stands for gravitational acceleration. Finally, the third hint was the word “_R_V_ _ Y”.

He had recently released the lyrics to the chorus of his song. The lyrics are as follows:

“Let me be your heart

And your company

I’ll let you be the one

Who can lean on me

I’ll catch you when you fall,

When you’re fallin’ free

Let me be, your gravity”

The song “Gravity” has been written by Thomas G:son. G:son is most famous for his winning song Euphoria back in 2012, as well as working with other countries more recently such as Spain and Georgia. In the past week they have been working together in Stockholm, Sweden, to record the entry, and it seems that it’s in its final stages before its release at the beginning of March. Currently the Cypriot team are filming the music video for Gravity, with Emilios Avraham working on it after directing Minus One’s video last year.

Cyprus had internally selected Hovig to represent them in Kyiv, Ukraine. He most recently took part in their National Selection back in 2015 with his song “Stone In A River” where he finished 4th, and also tried the selection in 2010. Like many other Greek Eurovision stars such as Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greece 2012) and Ivi Adamou (Cyprus 2012), Hovig took part in the X Factor Greece, finishing 7th in the second series.

Hovig has already started promoting across Europe since before the New Year, as he travelled to Yerevan, where he performed his 2015 song “Stone In A River” at Armenia’s National Final Depi Evratesil as part of the interval. Hovig is of Armenian heritage, but lives in Cyprus.

Source: Hovig

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Cyprus debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. Cyprus’ best result in the contest came in the form of three fifth place finishes. Their highest points finish came in 2004 when Lisa Andreas performed “Stronger Every Minute” in Istanbul, Turkey. She finished 5th in the final scoring 170 points, this included 12 points from Greece. Cyprus withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 due to financial difficulties but returned again in 2015 where they were represented by John Karagiannis.

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