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Mitt Liv: Charlotte Perrelli’s Four Part Melodifestivalen Release

Charlotte Perrelli today begins a four part release in the lead up to her Melodifestivalen appearance this Thursday. Charlotte Perrelli, under the name of Nilsson, first entered Melodifestivalen in 1999 with the song ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’, which then went on to become the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest that year – taking the contest to Stockholm’s Globen Arena as the first edition of the new millennium. In 2008 she returned with ‘ Hero’, once again winning Melodifestivalen but failing to do quite as well in the main contest. Then again, in 2012, she made her third comeback with ‘The Girl’ – this time unsuccessful in her attempt to represent Sweden.

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Now, in 2017, Charlotte Perrelli returns with her fourth Melodifestivalen entry, ‘Mitt Liv’ – this time performed in Swedish. As you’d expect from the title, ‘Mitt Liv’ is about her life, as is the album which will be released at the end of this month. In the run up to the first Melodifestivalen semi-final (in which Charlotte will perform fifth, following De Vet Du and prior to Ace Wilder), Charlotte Perrelli will be releasing three new singles and of course the Melodifestivalen entry itself.[/tw-column]

Today, ‘Tidlös Tid’ was released on Spotify and most streaming platforms to accompany her October release, ‘Höstens Sista Blomma’, as the second track on the album.

Tomorrow the third single will be released, ‘Lilla Du’, which will be added to the album, and on February 3rd, ‘Har Hos Dig’ will be shared as the album’s fourth track. On February 4th the Melodifestivalen entry will be released.


Charlotte is one of the twenty-eight artists competing in Melodfestivalen this year. A total of 2,478 songs were submitted to SVT, up by twenty-eight from last year but is still 1,400 short of the 2011 record when 3,832 songs were submitted. This year a total of 362 songs were submitted through the public contest, this was for singers or songwriters who had not released a song commercially before. This figure is the lowest it has been since the public were given a separate round in 2010.

Clara Henry, Hasse Andersson and David Lindgren will host this year’s edition. The trio were announced during a fifteen-minute broadcast and press conference on SVT Play late last year. Introduced as “SVT’s flagship show”, Melodifestivalen enters its 58th year as the selection process used to select Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest participant. It remains Sweden’s favourite television show and one of the most watched national selection shows in Europe.


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