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According to reports in Greece, ERT will not be holding a national final, instead opting to work with record labels to find the countries Eurovision entrant.

NewsIT reports that ERT will be selecting the countries Eurovision 2017 in co-operation with record labels. It had earlier been reported that Greece would be holding a national final to select the countries entrant for Kyiv, but has since decided against this idea. The report states that ERT has decided it is better to spend money alongside the record label to promote the artist internationally, than to hold a televised selection process.

Record labels have until early February to submit their proposals to ERT who will then select the countries entrant. This is a change in selection method over 2016, when ERT opted to directly select the countries participant with no input from any record labels. ERT opted to select Argo who failed to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, the first Greek act to do this since the semi finals were introduced in 2004.

Promoting Eurovision entries internationally before the contest has become an established part of the run up to the contest in past years. In 2016 a number of artists such as Barei, Minus One and Ira Losco attended a number of Eurovision preview events and promotional events. Ira Losco for example was the only artist to promote herself in the Czech Republic ahead of the contest. The effectiveness in terms of promotion ahead of Eurovision has been questioned, with Anggun (France 2012) visiting 15 countries ahead of the contest and scoring 0 points on the televote. While Jade Ewen (United Kingdom 2009) promoting in a variety of countries and finishing 5th on the night.

Source: NewsIT

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Greece debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 represented by Marinella and the song “Krasi, thalassa kai t’agori mou”, she finished 11th scoring a total of 7 points. It was just three years later when the country had their first top.5 finish with Paschalis, Marianna, Robert and Bessy coming 5th with “Mathima solfege”. In 2001 Greece achieved their first top.3 result with Antique and the song “I Would Die For You”, the song became a European hit charting across the continent. In 2005 Helena Paparizou returned to the Eurovision stage this time as a solo artist and took Greece to victory in Kyiv. Her song “My Number One” won with 230 points, beating runners-up Malta by 38 points.

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  1. This site often seems to mix up countries (plural) with country’s (possessive of one country) – multiple examples in this article. I thought this site was run by a native English speaker?

    1. Cut them some slack, they have put a lot of effort in remaking the website and they’re getting busier and busier with national final season starting. Not everything revolves about spelling…

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