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ESC’17: Zurab Alasania – “There is no doubt” that Kyiv Will Host

Zurab Alasania the outgoing Head of the Ukrainian national broadcaster has stated there is no doubt that Kyiv will hosting Eurovision 2017 next May.

Zurab Alasania in an interview with stated that there is no risk of the contest being moved from Ukraine. Mr Alasania’s comments come after a number of reports in media across Europe in the past couple of days that Ukraine may be forced to give up on hosting next years Eurovision Song Contest.

Mr Alasania stated that despite issues occurring with some aspects of the organisation of next years contest that “I have no doubt that the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in May in Ukraine.” He added that currently NTU is discussing with the IEC over access to the venue for an additional five days before next years contest.

The IEC currently has a five-day exhibition of children’s toys and goods scheduled to run into the mid 20s of March. The broadcaster is now talking to the organiser of the exhibition as well as the IEC itself about ensuring that they can get access during the period the exhibition is currently organised for.

This coming week from November 9-10 the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest will be in Ukraine. They will inspect all places, locations, red carpet venue, IEC itself to make the final verdict: yes or no. Mr Alasania says he has no doubts that the reference group will sign off on Kyiv hosting next years contest.

In recent days significant progress has been made in the organisation of next years contest. These changes came as a result of Mr Alasania resigning from his role to highlight the pressures being placed on NTU by the Government. Furthermore a bill is currently being proposed in Parliament to simplifying the tender process for services surrounding Eurovision 2017.

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