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9 thoughts on “Cyprus: George Michaelides Reveals First Backing Dancer”

  1. I see this flopping really hard. I don’t think the juries will like it. It’s more dancing than singing, it sounds amateurish and his voice is one of the weakest this year. How is he going to compete against vocal powerhouses like Klesta and Olivia? The televoters would have saved it from complete failure but with a 100% jury voting system Cyprus is doomed to place in the bottom 3.

  2. By the way, when exactly is Israel’s entry being published? There’s only two (2) weeks left until the Junior Eurovision Song Contest “returns” to Malta, so Shir and Tim only have throughout this week. :/

    1. Who knows? Ireland is selecting tonight and Albania is revealing the final version of their song tonight as well. I guess Israel want to be the last country…

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