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14 thoughts on “ESC’17: Host City Announcement Has Been Cancelled”

  1. As I said,I can’t wait 9th May!
    So They know who will host but they don’t tell us -_-

  2. Oh my dear Ukraine, please hand the show over to Germany, France, the UK or somebody else who is capable to carry out a professional show.

    1. Totally agree with you, Ukraine does not even have a suitable venue. EBU must do that quickly, ask other cities in Europe before it is too late, I do not want the contest to be cancelled, just because they took Douwe Bob too serious (Slow down).

  3. I can’t say I’m surprised. EBU should put a deadline for each contest, let’s say three months after the previous contest was held. NTU made a whole spectacle out of this bidding phase, they could’ve just had discussions between each city’s representative, instead of holding a televised debate, and then chosen the preffered host city without the elimination round.

  4. Im starting to get bored with this… We have flights, Hotels and time off work to prepare for… Travelling to the Ukraine from scotland could involve 3 or 4 flights, which in turn needs extra days off work….
    The fun and excitment we had planning to go to sweden was great fun…. While this time we are getting bored…

    1. 31st of May? Oh wait, that’s after the contest…

      Ok, hopefully they will announce it on the 31st of August. 🙂

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