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Depi Evratesil
3 Months selection process to be held

Armenia has this morning confirmed that they will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Public Television of Armenia has also confirmed for the first time since 2013 that the country will be holding a televised selection process for Eurovision. The project is called “Depi Evratesil” (To Eurovision). It’s a 3 month-long music competition, where Armenia’s previous representatives in Eurovision will search for their successor.

“If you are Armenian or of an Armenian heritage, 16 years and older, if you think you have something to show to the world and if you’ve ever dreamed of rocking that big stage of Eurovision, then it’s your time to shine! The call for applications starts on 6th of July.To register for the auditions you must fill in and submit the online application at before 23:59 (Armenian time) on 25th of August.” 

The winner will get a chance to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Source: AMPTV

10 thoughts on “Armenia: Eurovision 2017 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Hopefully they will send a good song… If u ask me they haven’t sent a good song since 2010… 2015 was ok…

    1. If you ask me, Armenia has only made one song since 2011 that I liked. “Not Alone” Aram MP3. But he was not even close to my favourites Softengine, Sebalter and Cann-Linn

      1. I liked Cann-Linn too! It’s a shame Ireland didn’t make the finals! I also liked Mei Finegold, can’t believe she didn’t get through either… Too bad I couldn’t vote in their semi (swede).

        1. Jag är också från Sverige. Önskar att jag på något sätt kunde rösta på Irland den gången, men alltihop var juryns fel. Tittarna röstade Irland till final. Israel var inte min favorit 2014, men jag blev chockad när jag såg att Israel inte gick vidare. Men kompensation fick de, kommande år. Liksom Tjeckien. Hoppas min favorit before show i år, Estland ( 🙁 ), får en liknande kompensation.

  2. Tip for Armenia in some years: Select Mika who was at JESC last year. He was my favourite along with Misha Smirnov. Those two songs and singers and performances rocked the Arena Armeec in Sofia.

  3. Yeah, that’s great! I hope Iveta’s successor will be as good as her (or even better, why not?), even though this is very hard to achieve.

    My favorite Armenian entries are “LoveWave” and “Apricot Stone”. I also like “Boom Boom”, it’s one of my guilty pleasures, I don’t understand why everyone hates it so much. The rest are OK.

  4. Although Armenia failed to qualify for the final in 2011 with Emmy’s song “Boom Boom”, they shall send a good song in 2017.

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