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7 thoughts on “Greece: Makes Changes For Eurovision 2017”

  1. Few! I thought my country Greece would withdraw because they missed the final just like Turkey basically did! Last time the contest was in Ukraine, Greece won! Maybe Greece will do much better next year! 😀

    1. Why should a country withdraw if they miss the final? If this was happening, in each ESC only 26 would participate. And Turkey withdraw because they didn’t like the fact that the Big 5 are automatically qualified.

      1. Turkey said they withdrew because they didn’t like the big 5 automatically qualifying. But they also withdrew because they don’t like the juries. In 2011 Turkey would have qualified if there wasn’t juries. So really most people believe that Turkey really withdrew because they lost their reputation of always qualifying.

        1. I thought Turkey withdrew because of the rules, like 50/50 voiting and Big 5, so they created Türkvizyon instead. But I think the boycott won’t last for very long

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